Sunday, June 21, 2015

Progressive Die - Two Progression Blanking Tool Design

Metal stamping tools are essential for producing components in a cost effective way. In order to reduce the cost per unit, parts must be made faster, more accurately and reliably. This actual project was focused on a criteria that was essential to the design and the building of this tool. This information helps to choose the type and number of features to design as well as selecting tooling components and the right materials to be used etc. As a result, the tool will have all the necessary functions, nothing less and nothing more that will keep the budget under control.

The design was based on a low to medium production amount of 8,000 - 32,000 parts to be stamped per month. The plan was to cut the parts from CRS (Cold Rolled Steel) strips that were sheared from sheets. The material type, the operation method and the required monthly usage gave the basic guidelines. Not only that but what features the tool should have and to meet or exceed the minimum requirements. Other factors were also taken into considerations such as easy operation, and eliminate operator error that could be costly if the tool was damaged from improper use. To further reduce the cost of the unit price of the stamped parts, the customer requested that they would build the tool in house at their facility. It is a great way and a proven method that VorTool has developed over the years to help customers with their projects.

A special package was created with super detailed shop drawings, a Bill of Material and special illustrated instruction pages how to build the components properly and then the best way to operate the tool once in production. As an addition there were instructions about punch press preparations and set up information that ensures trouble free production time after time.
Based on European precision and decades of experience, any tool design produced by VorTool is the most comprehensive design method that any company could ask for. The tool will fit the press or presses with no surprises. 

We always have a press mock up made with the essential dimensions, shut height stroke and adjustment information, mounting, etc. to ensure that the tool will fit the first time and will operate within the specifications of the press regardless of its type and origin. With the help of the great features of possibly the best CAD software SolidWorks, the 3D models are always put in motion to simulate the movement of the press and the tool. A number of design verifications ensure that the tool is put to the test before it was even built, regardless of the complexity. It is either a simple two step progressive tool like this one or a sophisticated sixteen progression tool. The result is the same. You expect it to run trouble free. This is why you should choose VorTool.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Corner Skin Form Tool for Low Volume Metal Stamping Production

Corner Skin Form Tool and Design

Low volume products such as this "Corner Skin" require cost effective tooling to keep the budget under control yet keep the quality high to be competitive on the market.

The flat parts also known as flat blanks were laser cut and then inserted into the single station two post die set to form the edge of the specified angle and dimension.

Low Production Metal Stamping

The tool consists of a form punch, a form die and a heavy spring loaded pressure plate to ensure that the part remains flat where needed. This should allow the part to be pressed against the form cavity by the upper punch.

As a result the outer rounded edge of the part formed upward in an angle, that became a perfectly smooth geometric shape for this flange.